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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Dec 20, 2018

There are the right ways of getting back with your ex. And then there are the wrong ways.

And then there’s what Offset did to Cardi B., which is one of the most astoundingly stupid ways of trying to get your ex back.

Here's why those "grand romantic gestures" aren't romantic at all.


  • Why it's so hard to let go of an ex
  •  Why "Grand Romantic Gestures" are actually creepy
  •  How public proposals backfire
  • What Offset's "apology" says about him
  •  Why grand gestures are the WRONG way to win someone back

...and so much more.


The Wrong Way To Get Your Ex Back 

The Trouble With Romance (According to The Movies)  

The Problem With Nice Guys

5 Signs Your Relationship Is Over 

Why It's So Hard To Leave (Even When You Need To)


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