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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Aug 1, 2019

Men feel immense pressure to look a particular way and they're breaking themselves, physically and psychically to try to get to reach those ideals.

As bodies are marketed to us as products and men are sold self-loathing, we have to ask: what does a REAL man look like?


  • How male celebrities are getting the body-shaming treatment from the media
  • Why the idea of what makes a "real" man is always in flux 
  • How the "perfect" body has changed over time
  • What men get wrong about trying to achieve the perfect body
  • Why there's no body positivity movement for men

...and so much more.


The New (And Impossible) Standards of Male Beauty

The Fear of Being Invisible

The Myth of What Women Want 

The Selling of Masculinity

What Men REALLY Need

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