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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Jul 4, 2019

Charisma and personal magnetism aren't about being the handsomest or most impressive person in the room. It's about knowing how to connect with people in ways that other folks can't. Understand how to build the right connections with people and amazing women won't be able to stop thinking about you... instead of someone else.


  • What the story of one man's failure teaches us about personal magnetism and charisma
  • Why your presentation matters more than your looks
  • How your body language affects your connection with others
  • Why intensity and authenticity is so important
  • What most men get wrong about being cool, popular and desirable

...and so much more.


5 Ways To Be More Charismatic... Instantly 

Find Your Swagger 

The Value of Authenticity

5 Secrets To Being Make People Like You

How To Be Charming

5 Rules For Instantly Upgrading Your Style

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