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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Feb 16, 2017

Everyone deals with social anxiety to one degree or another. We’re all worried that we’re going to humiliate ourselves, say the wrong thing and otherwise become a social pariah because we’ve managed to alienate people by saying something so unbelievably awful that we can never be forgiven or show our face in public again. 

But social anxiety can overtake our lives, making it a nightmare just trying to interact with other people in our day to day lives. It's one thing to understand things logically, but when you feel your anxiety building, logic goes out the window.

Which is why this week we're talking about some things you can do in the moment to conquer your social anxiety and be the outgoing, confident person you want to be.

Show Highlights: 

  • Why social pain is worse that physical pain
  • The most embarrassing moment in Dr. NerdLove's career
  • How everyone can be socially awkward - even celebrities
  • How to use your body to override your fears
  • Why you need to be thinking more not less

and so much more.

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