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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Sep 14, 2017

When we talk about The Friend Zone, we tend to talk about it like it’s the worst thing that can happen to somebody - and usually something that’s done to them - either maliciously by women who’re just coldly “using” them or capriciously just because screw you, that’s why.

As a result we get inane and frankly insulting theories and memes like the “Ladder Theory” where women have the “Friend” ladder and the “Real” ladder and the impossible gap between the two, o
r we have concepts like “back-burnering” where women will supposedly keep a guy around with just enough interest to keep him dancing in attendance but never actually coming across.

Thing is… it’s all bullshit. The Friend Zone doesn’t actually exist. But the way people respond to it does. Th

Show Highlights:

  • The history of The Friend Zone
  • Why only certain guys get stuck in The Friend Zone
  • The reason why The Friend Zone is so annoying to women
  • What she means when she says "I wish I could meet a nice guy like you"
  • Why it's so hard to escape the Friend Zone

...and so much more.

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