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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Aug 24, 2017

While lots of guys who want to get better with women are looking to find that special someone, there are also a lot of guys out there who are hoping to find more sexual partners and some no-strings attached fooling around. The thing is… they have no idea where to go about finding people who’re down for casual sex.

This is in no small part because, frankly, they’re asking the wrong questions. Often the real question isn't "where"... but "how". This week, we're talking about why people are or aren't down for some casual sex and the best ways to go about finding it. 

Show Highlights:

  • Why more people are up for casual sex than you'd expect
  • The flaws of the infamous Campus Casual Sex study
  • What makes women decide they're interested in having sex with a stranger
  • The mistakes men make looking for hook-ups on Tinder
  • What you can do to make finding a casual partner easier

...and so much more.

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