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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Jul 27, 2017

Online dating can be an amazing resource, regardless of the kind of relationship you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a lifetime commitment, a something a bit more relaxed or even just a quick hook-up, online dating sites and apps have streamlined the process and made it possible to meet people you might never otherwise encounter. 

Part of what makes online dating tricky is that we don’t think about how we’re using it. The issue is that we never stop to think about the story our profile tells about us.

See, every dating profile is a narrative. It’s a story about your life. Who are you? What are you about? What is it about you that makes you worth dating? What would life be like if someone were to date you? If you want more success in online dating, you need to think about your dating story.

Show Highlights:

  • The importance of controlling your online dating narrative
  • Why we get false positives in online dating
  • How to stand out from a crowd of cookie-cutter profiles
  • Why profiles need narrative consistency to be appealing
  • How to make sure you don't appeal to the wrong people

...and so much more.

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