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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Jul 19, 2018

Recently Henry Cavill gave his thoughts about flirting in a post #MeToo era during an interview with GQ Australia, where he claimed to be afraid that flirting with someone might lead to his being dragged through hell because… reasons. And while he has since apologized for his insensitive remarks, they struck a chord with many people: where do you find the line between welcome flirting and sexual harassment? Does it come down to “flirting is when women like you and harassment is when they don’t"? What are the rules that define what's flirting and what isn't?

Show Highlights:

  • Why do some men get away with flirting with women when other men get called out for it?
  • Why "Just Be Attractive" gets it wrong
  • The crucial details that make the difference between welcome flirting and unwelcome invasions of space
  • How to tell when someone wants you to flirt with them
  • Why nobody is harassing people by accident

...and so much more

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