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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Jun 7, 2018

Men, especially heterosexual men, tend to have very few deep, emotional connections, and of the ones they do have, very few of them are with other men. And that’s actually a problem.

Men are dealing with an epidemic of loneliness and isolation and it's literally killing us. But despite the damage that loneliness can cause, men have a hard time finding and fostering emotionally close and intimate relationships. Why are male friendships so shallow and transitory and what can we do to build the relationships we need? 

Show Highlights:

  • How loneliness is literally hurting men 
  • Why men have a harder time building closer, stronger social ties than women
  • How society inadvertently teaches men to avoid close friendships with other men
  • Why toxic masculinity prevents men from from building the relationships we want
  • How the ways men try to bond actually makes it harder to actually become close with their friends

... and so much more.

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