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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Sep 9, 2020

Rejection hurts... but the fear of rejection can often hurt even worse. In fact, when we give into the fear of rejection, we often set up a pattern that can affect us throughout our lives. Rejections we've experienced in the past can end up affecting us NOW. When we give into the fear of rejection, we can end up reliving that fear, long after it's happened... feeling the pain as though it's happening to us again, right now. When that happens, it becomes a way that we almost give up our free will; life becomes a series of steps that you take to try to AVOID feeling the discomfort and pain of rejection.

It's time to learn how to break the cycle and learn how to stop letting your fear control you.


  • What science can teach us about rejection and rejection sensitivity
  • How our brains work against us and keep us in a cycle of fear and avoidance
  • Why rejection hurts, even years later
  • How a fear of rejection can CAUSE the very rejection we're trying to avoid
  • How understanding your body can help you conquer your fear of rejection

...and so much more.



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