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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Jan 29, 2020

Here's something nobody will tell you about being successful with women: nobody is "naturally" good with women. Nobody is born with an instinctual ability to get dates. Everyone — people who seem to be naturally gifted and people who learned later in life — all developed their skills the same way.

That's why all the people who are successful with women have the same things in common. If you want to learn how to have the love life you deserve, then you want to master the four key components to developing the skill to meet, connect with and date amazing women.


  • Why "naturals" don't really exist
  • How people learned the right — and wrong — lessons about how to be good with women
  • Why confidence is a vital part of success with women — but not for the reasons you'd expect
  • Why most people fail when they try to get better at dating
  • What makes the difference between someone who succeeds at dating, and someone who will never improve

...and so much more.


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Your Attitude Controls Your Dating Success —

How to Use Humor in Your Flirting —

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