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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Sep 12, 2019

Confidence isn’t about being 100% sure of your inevitable success, it’s simply feeling that you know how to handle the situation.
 Taking away the fear of social awkwardness helps build bullet-proof social confidence.


  • Why your attitude is the key to your social success
  • How you accidently cripple your in-person social skills
  • Why MeetUps, mixers and networking is better for developing your social skills than cold approaches at bars
  • How to block out social anxiety by avoiding the Spotlight Effect
  • How to make it easier for other people to approach YOU

... and so much more.


Stop Being Socially Awkward Pt. 1 

Stop Being Socially Awkward Pt. 2

Developing an Abundance Mentality

Face Your Dating Fears

How To Get Women To Approach YOU

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