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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Feb 28, 2019

Many virgin men-- especially older virgins -- believe that no woman’s going to want to sleep with a guy who has no experience… but they can't they get that experience without having sex.

So let’s ruin any chance of this episode being monetized and talk about what anyone — even a virgin — can do that will make them an amazing lover.


  • What women REALLY think of male virgins
  • Why understanding YOUR needs can help you fulfill HERS
  • The one thing men DON'T do (but they SHOULD) before their first time
  • Why you need to use your tongue (but not like that)
  • How to avoid being a "one minute man" in bed

... and so much more.


Sex For Beginners

Busting The Fear of Virginity 

Be The Greatest Lover She's Ever Known 

F*ck Like A Gentleman (pt.1)

The Virginity Paradox

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