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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Jan 17, 2019

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The American Psychological Association updated it's guidelines for the treatment of boys and men to say that toxic masculine ideologies are bad for men.

Does this mean that masculinity is now a mental illness? Or is this an acknowledgement of the difficulties that men and boys face in modern society?


  • How being a man leads to unique mental and physical health issues
  • Why men have a difficult time receiving effective mental health care
  • What the new APA guidelines say... and what they DON'T say about men
  • How understanding toxic masculine ideas affects men and boys alike 
  • How MRAs hurt the men they supposedly want to help

... and so much more.


▶︎ What Is Toxic Masculinity
▶︎ Captain America and the power of Positive Masculinity 
▶︎ Why It's So Hard To Be A Good Man
▶︎ The Broken Masculinity of The Punisher
▶︎ Reclaiming Manhood

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