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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Aug 9, 2018

Doctor's Note: There's a recurring audio issue with this week's episode that I wasn't able to fully eliminate. I've edited around it as best as I could but it'll crop up a couple times. Sorry about that.

The idea that women like “bad boys” or “assholes”, and that there a bright line between guys who get dates — the assholes — and guys who don’t — the “nice guys” gets kicked around in dating circles as though it were gospel truth.  It’s one that feels true, especially if you’re someone who thinks they fall into the nice guy side of the equation. But the reality is very different.

The issue isn’t that bad boys are desirable and nice guys are unattractive because science or evolutionary psychology or anything else. It’s far simpler than that. It’s not about what those supposed ‘bad boys’ do. It’s about what the nice guys… don’t.

Show Highlights:

  • Why nice guys buy into the myth of the bad boy
  • How nice guys hinder their own success
  • The simple, easy way to transform an average joe into a hot man about town
  • How your attitude affects your attractiveness
  • The one thing "bad boys" know that nice guys don't

...and so much more

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