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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Jul 26, 2018

A lot of men don’t know how to approach women in groups — whether they’re with other women or a mixed group of men, women and more. As a result, they tend to focus on that one person… and end up coming across like a hyena trying to separate a gazelle from the herd. Fortunately, it’s actually very easy to join in a groups, in a way that not only encourage them to accept you, but help you make a powerful connection almost immediately. 

You just have to understand how to manage group dynamics.

Show Highlights:

  • What men get wrong about approaching groups of women
  • The common mistake that gets you rejected by groups
  • How men send the wrong signal when approaching women
  • Why talking to one person in the group is a mistake
  • Understand the power of the 3:2 ratio

...and so much more

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