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Paging Dr. NerdLove

May 17, 2018

Recently, we’ve been talking about toxic masculinity and all of the ways that it damages men on the individual level and society on the whole. One of the enduring questions is: so what do we do about it.

Part of the way we start end the damage that toxic masculinity does and help heal some of the pain is to talk openly and honestly about some of the issues that come bundled in the toxic masculinity package. And one of the biggest issues is the topic of sex - especially how it affects men who aren’t having it.

A lot of people - men and women both - feel ashamed of being virgins, and honestly, the way we treat virginity is profoundly fucked up. And it can be especially troubling for male virgins because there’s a lot of cultural bullshit caught up in masculine identity and sexuality. Sex is a core component of toxic masculinity; your value and measure of a man is in how much sex you have and how often you have it. If you haven’t had any… well, are you really a man at all?

It's time to talk about the shame, the stigma and the frustration that comes from being a virgin when you don't want to be.

Show Highlights:

  • How our brains drive our frustration with being virginity
  • Why toxic masculinity is behind the shame of being a male virgin
  • How society creates pressure to lose your virginity as soon as possible
  • Whether being a virgin is a turn-off to women
  • Why there's no such thing as "too late"

...and so much more

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