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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Apr 5, 2018

What do Men’s Rights Advocates, popular self-help gurus, the alt-right and the movie Fight Club all have in common? They're all trying to answer the question of "What's wrong with men?" 

It’s pretty undeniable that men are facing a tipping point in today’s society. Whether we’re talking about the changes inspired by Me Too movement, the fact that women now outnumber men in undergraduate programs across the country, the way the economy impacts gender roles or the ongoing question of just what does it mean to be a man now… men are in a state of change and flux.

And there are a lot of men out there who feel lost, confused, even a little scared. But there are people out there who use those anxieties against us. Why do men feel so disconnected and lost in this day and age and what is the answer to finding our masculinity again?

Show Highlights:

  • Why Fight Club remains relevant today
  • How MRAs, the alt-right and Jordan Peterson use a mythical "lost masculinity" as a recruiting tool
  • Why men feel disconnected from being men
  • Why the need for intimacy pushes men into hate movements
  • How men use violence to substitute for connection

...and so much more.

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