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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Nov 19, 2020

The most magnetic, charming and well liked people aren't popular because of their looks, their money, or their bodies. People like them because of they make others feel and the value that they bring into other peoples' lives.

These 5 qualities will help you create stronger, more profound connections with others, teach you to be instantly charismatic and become incredibly well liked by everyone around you.


  • Why genuine likeability and personal magnetism are rare qualities, even in Hollywood
  • Why sharing the spotlight makes you more popular
  • How triggering one emotion in people makes them like you, instantly
  • Why passion is so attractive in others
  • How authenticity and vulnerability make people want to spend more time with you

...and so much more.


These Are The Things You Only Learn When Your Friend Dies

Popularity 101

The Value of Authenticity 

The "It" Factor 

How To Be Charming 

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