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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Nov 5, 2020

Right now, we are living through the most stressful, even outright traumatic year that most of have ever faced in our lives. Even if you’re in a relatively good place, we’re all getting hit with bad news, more stories of police violence, political corruption, the continuing pandemic, even potential fallout from the election. It can be incredibly hard to have a positive attitude and solid confidence. It can be hard not to look around and say “how am I supposed to have the strength to keep going?" 

But you need that emotional strength, powerful confidence and positive attitude more than ever. And the first step is to recognize the things that are stealing your happiness and sabotaging your life and learn how to build the emotional strength it takes to persevere, that appealing confidence and the positive attitude that can help build strong relationships and help you face and overcome the challenges in your life that seem impossible.


  • Why one simple word can ruin your self-confidence
  • How we convince ourselves that we're powerless... when we're not
  • The mistake we make that makes us miserable... no matter what we do
  • How we talk ourselves out of success
  • Why your rivals can be your greatest allies

... and so much more. 


The 5 Things You Need To Know To Succeed At Dating 

What "Forged In Fire" Can Teach Us About Manhood 

Unlearning Helplessness 

You Are Your Own Worst Enemy 

"Your Attitude Controls Your Dating Success" 

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