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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Dec 18, 2019


One of the biggest reasons why people have a hard time flirting successfully is that they don’t understand how flirting is supposed to work. But when you understand the overall philosophy of flirting, you’re in a much better position to fine tune your flirting style to one that works for you and lets you adapt to whomever you’re trying to flirt with.

These three unusual tips will teach you how to flirt like a master.


  • What guys get wrong about how to flirt with someone they like
  • Why social calibration is THE most important part of flirting
  • How to read someone so you can flirt with them the RIGHT way
  • Why understanding how to set the pace makes you more attractive
  • Why you should think like a cat to flirt more effectively

...and so much more


The Art of Social Calibration

How To Use Humor In Your Flirting

Five Different Ways To Boost Your Charisma

What Is Chemistry Pt. 2: Emotional Engagement 

Fix Your Flirting

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