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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Oct 10, 2019

Why do women say they want to find a nice guy, but never seem to want to date them?

The answer is that what women are not saying is actually more important. Whenever a woman says “I wish I could find a nice guy”, there’s the unspoken modifier: “I wish i could find a nice guy… who actually excites me."

Here's how men can stop being so "nice", and start being amazing.


  • What women REALLY mean when they talk about finding a nice guy
  • Why women aren't attracted to "nice" guys
  • Why being "nice" by itself isn't enough
  • Why nice guys lose respect... and how to get it back
  • How to develop the qualities women are REALLY looking for in men

...and so much more.


Why Being A "Nice Guy" Isn't Good Enough
Eliminating Neediness
What Bad Boys Know (That Nice Guys Don't)
Enforcing Your Boundaries
Do Women Prefer Dominant Men?
Dominance, Prosocial Orientation and Female Preferences

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