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Paging Dr. NerdLove

Mar 14, 2019

"Just be yourself" is some of the worst advice that you can give someone who wants to get better at dating. It's also the most important. So here's how to quit being yourself and learn how to become your BEST self.


▶︎ Why "just be yourself" is useless advice
▶︎ What we REALLY mean when we say "just be yourself"
▶︎ How you can learn to change who you are
▶︎ Why most people fail at changing themselves
▶︎ Why you should fake it 'til you make it

...and so much more.


▶︎ What's Wrong With "Just Be Yourself"

▶︎ The 5 Things You Need To Fix Your Life 
▶︎ How To Reinvent Yourself 

▶︎ The Secret to Maintaining Positive Changes

▶︎ 5 Types of Dating Advice People Need To Stop Giving

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